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Powering Pinay: Improving Confidence & Self-Reliance Through

Depression hits Filipino women harder compared to Filipino men. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that depression is 1.5 times more common in Filipino women than men.

When Filipinas feel low, they secure refuge not from their peers or families but find answers from the Internet. They spend an average of six (6) hours online to get their information and self-help fix.

Thus, to help Filipinas manage depression and engage them through meaningful, interactive content, PAGEONE developed a website that specifically caters to the Filipina audience – This website helps develop self-confidence among Filipino women through publication of self-help, confidence-boosting and image problem – solving content.

The online campaign has now expanded its reach to close to 1,861,658 Filipinas. The website has accumulated 5,862,689 pageviews have been consumed by 17,553,564 individuals.