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Breaking Barriers Through The Language Of Love: 10 Ways To Say, “I Love You” In Cebuano, Ilonggo, And Kapampangan

Given the archipelagic nature of the Philippines and its numerous languages spoken by more than 100 Million, it is expected that regionalist feelings abound. The “us” and “we” mentality brought about by these different language of Babylonic proportions sometimes contribute to discord, misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

This is what PageOne Media wants to help manage. Being a content marketing and advocacy agency, it has decided to take on the problem of language’s tendency to promote division and regionalist tendencies. This is done through a series of educational videos uploaded online to teach everybody basic expression in different languages. This way, people with different languages feel a sense of common bond and strong affinity – thereby making people do not feel distant or aloof with each other if they can converse and understand common expressions and terms – using what they learn from the videos.

And PageOne Media’s initial foray to education videos scored major successes. It’s initial target of reaching 300,000 active Pinoy social media users have been doubled. It produced three fun educational videos which reached more than 9,550,693. These videos also generated so much buzz from netizens that they have been shared 500 times.