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Strategy Development




Audience Delivery

Video Production

Social Media Management

Audience & Analytics


PAGEONE Media is an award-winning media content development and marketing agency of the PAGEONE Media Group. It is established to elevate the art and science of story-telling via multimedia platforms that communicates and educates Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. It offers its readers an avenue to embrace and share stories on the latest social issues, products, companies and lifestyle.


Digital Advocacy


The Youth For Youth (U4U) initiative impacted the lives of millions of young adults throughout the country by helping raise the awareness of early pregnancy among teenagers through social media. The agency concentrated in producing and strategically managing online assets of the campaign to reach a wider audience.

Influencer Management


Being able to work with influencers – like Camille Co and Michele Gumabao, allowed brands such as JBL to amplify its online contents on their respective social media handles. Targeting specific and concentrated markets online highlighted the lifestyle that the brand encapsulates.

Social Media Management (U4U)


Consistency with the audience has been a key factor in developing and retaining the teenage audience that U4U has built. Through professional social media management, the agency has been able to hold and grow multiple online accounts and Facebook pages. The social media presence has been, to date, one of its most effective tools of information dissemination.

Brand Activations

PageOne Media understands the value of building a brand’s reputation, in order to redefine the public perception of LRT1/LRMC, the agency built creative season-based on-ground and online initiatives such as “#PaskuhansaLRT1” and “#LRT1Love”. The viral campaign reached nationwide attention online and frequently trended in multiple online sites.

Video Production (JBL)


Creative Content Writing

PAGEONE Media is known for producing quality articles that gives emphasis to the edge of a product. Having an opportunity to write for Wunder enables us to highlight its best feature such as carpooling tips that will help all forms of passengers and drivers.

Digital Media Management


Native Advertising (Megaworld)


Megaworld’s stories are seamlessly placed on the inner pages of different PAGEONE Media online magazines allowing it to be read by the magazine’s thousand of visitors daily.

Blogger Conference Management


PageOne Media


Stretching the agency’s potential to provide content for lifestyle and real-estate companies, PageOne Media produced special video features to promote Avida Land and its properties around Metro manila. It weighed the priority of the brand’s build-up without sacrificing the lifestyle and entertainment value of the agency’s content.
Partnering with one of the most aggressively growing beauty brands in the country, a specialized video and article was customized for the brand in order to bring viewers and readers to the event launch wherein its newest celebrity endorser and products were highlighted.
As the agency prioritizes delivering timely and relevant entertainment content, it partnered with the country’s leading network and video production companies. From celebrity gossips to TV/Movie launches, the agency has been an established fixture in most entertainment groups’ publicity plans.
PageOne Media is adapt in delivering pertinent corporate and brand news to its readers through its press coverages. Through the article and video contents produced by the team, brands are able to experience an advantage against its competitors.
Who says that traveling has to be costly? Trip tipid is the budget-friendly guide to exploring the world without breaking the bank.
Who says that traveling has to be costly? Trip tipid is the budget-friendly guide to exploring the world without breaking the bank.



PAGEONE MEDIA content are highly visible and earnestly consumed by

millions  in a myriad of avenues  –  across multiple platforms that guarantee

captured attention and dedicated eyeballs.

Online Magazines

PAGEONE Media is running 6 online magazines that cater every Filipino needs when it comes to news, entertainment, lifestyle, gadgets, car ownership and ultimate travel guide in the Philippines. Our online magazines are one-stop shop for every information you need to know.

Social Media Communities

PAGEONE Media has created different social media communities that speaks to the audience and engages them to meaningful conversations. Todate, we are maintaining more than 30 social media communities that engages 60 Million fans, followers and friends a month.

Light Rail Transit 2

A rapid transit line in Metro Manila in the Philippines generally running in an east-west direction along the Radial Road 6 and a portion of the Circumferential Road 1. This transit system has eleven (11) stations therefore giving PAGEONE Media 10.5 Million eyeballs a month.

Alabang to Lawton Buses

With 5 television screens installed across each of the 100 buses travelling from Alabang to Lawton everyday, this transit system is giving PAGEONE Media a total of 1.05 million eyeballs a month.



Conversations start here. is social news and lifestyle magazine that brings local and international news, fresh features and compelling topics to Filipinos.

Confidently Pinay. is PageOne Media’s magazine for the confident Pinay. Aside from showcasing female lifestyle, also engages Filipinas in intelligent discussions about life, love, career and being a well-rounded Filipina.

Bring out the geek. highlights the latest gadgets, the latest apps, and a lot of tech how-tos. is launched to help our audience live a better life using technology. We select, showcase and recommend the newest and the best in technology.

Where do you want to go today? is one of the Philippines’ online destination that helps car buyers and owners the latest in motoring and in car ownership. aims to connect consumers with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere.

What do you want to do next? is the Philippines’ ultimate travel guide. It is a must-read destination site for all the must-go places in your bucket-list – featuring budget trips, luxurious vacations, tips, and promos for all discriminating travellers.

What’s the latest celebrity buzz? is the Philippines’ online source of entertainment news. At, we eat, sleep and breathe pop culture, delivering exclusive breaking news and event coverage on the latest shows, online livestreams, TV scoops and spoilers and what’s viral now.




PAGEONE is the social media page of that brings local and international news, fresh features and compelling topics to Filipinos here and around the world.


PAGEONE Luzon is’s social media page that brings fresh features and compelling news concerning Filipinos living in the Luzon area.


PAGEONE Visayas is’s social media page that brings fresh features and compelling news concerning Filipinos living in the Visayas area.
PAGEONE Mindanao


PAGEONE Mindanao is’s social media page that brings fresh features and compelling news concerning Filipinos living in the Mindanao area.


Being the heart and soul of PageOne’s virtual family avatar, Mamu is the caring maternal figure that embraces each netizen with love and affection while instilling traditional moral values.


Standing as the father-figure of PageOne’s virtual avatar family, Papsi is the run of the family for heartaches and life advices.


Cool guy on the block, Brad is the friendly brother figure that can give you a no-holds-bar advice in times of need.


Love is Kupido’s middle name, run to him for heartaches, heartbreaks, and all things that make the heart flutter. is PageOne Media’s magazine for the modern Filipina. Aside from showcasing female lifestyle, also engages Filipinas in intelligent discussions about life, love, career and being a well-rounded Filipina.
Mean Pretty Lady


Inspired by the varied aspiring and kick-ass fictional characters in iconic movies, Mean Pretty Lady is a character of snobbish wittiness with an added flair for fashion, makeup and all things posh dedicated to intelligent, sexy and modern Pinay.
The Lady In Iron Heels


Embodying the modern lady-boss, The Lady In Iron Heels impersonates a decisive feminist figure who wishes to share advices and tips without the sugarcoat.
Beauty Breakdown w/ Loren


A love for fashion and makeup doesn’t guarantee expertise, PageOne’s resident style guru, Loren, taps in fashion and beauty woes for the beginners.
Beshie Forever


A friendly figure is always needed through good times and bad, Beshie Forever is the go-to advice guru and friendly companion to listen to your woes and laugh at silly moments. is the Philippines’ online source of entertainment news that provides users with inside celebrity updates, along with the latest showbiz trends.


A side of entertainment gossip is best served with a friendly chikadora. Kemeroj is PageOne’s ultimate source of chismax to the max!
Blind Item


In a glamorous world of celebrities and movies, there are dark secrets that roam about the industry. Blind item taps into the inside scoop that regular entertainment websites fear to reveal. is the Philippines ultimate travel guide. A must-read destination site for all the go-to places in your bucket-list. Featuring budget trips, luxurious vacations, tips, and promos for all discriminating travellers.
Chasing Vonj


PageOne’s resident Travel Guy shows you the coolest sights to go after, in and out of the metro.
Tipid Trips


Who says that traveling has to be costly? Trip tipid is the budget-friendly guide to exploring the world without breaking the bank.
365 Days


The ultimate wanderlust craves of a daily dose of travel inspiration, 365 Days never misses out on beautiful sites to add to the bucketlist.


It’s time for dedicated eyes to be peeled on the Philippines’ road stories, is  Philippines’ online source of car and automotive news.


Kambyo roams the streets of the Philippines to serve as a radar for latest traffic updates, street-related news and inspiring stories.


Fast cars and roaring motors deserve the spotlight that drives automobile fanatics to full-gear. Headlights serves iconic cars and motors that readers can aspire to have and car-lovers drool over.
Bringing out the geek in you, stands as the Philippines’ online source for technology & gadgets news.
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Inside The Box


The landscape of technology is ever-changing, inside-the-box sneaks inside the box and showcases new inventions and products to watch out for.
What To Buy


Tech shopping has never been so satisfying, Add To Cart doesn’t just tap in the latest products to get your hands on but practices smart-shopping.
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